An_255591 posted:
I am allergic to statins. I eat low cholesterol have come off red meats rarely eat chicken do mostly beans. My cholesterol is still borderline high, I am also exercising 5 days per week for an hour any suggestions on what else I can do
bobby75703 responded:
Surprisingly cholesterol itself in the diet has little to no impact on cholesterol levels when eaten in moderation.

In my experience, I have observed cholesterol levels dropping with a reduced calorie diet, no matter where those calories come from.

I know it sounds crazy, but you can even eat strictly at McDonalds, and as long as you limit your calorie intake, and exercise as you are already doing, cholesterol numbers can plummet.

So, to answer your question what else you can do, I would suggest watching calorie intake. Its not exactly want people want to hear or follow, but it will work in most people, and be very effective in reducing lipid levels.