Best ideas for raising HDL and lowering HDL
mr_pepper posted:
I am borderline on my cholesterol and would like to remain drug free, but also keeping eating what I like. Any tips?
billh99 responded:
Exercise helps raise HLD and lower LDL.

Moderate (1-2 drinks) alcohol helps.

Reduce consumption of while flour products and those with sugar.

And you do need healthy fats, but limit the saturated fats.
studiod responded:
  • Limit sat fats to 10 - 12 grams/day
    * Use Extra virgin olive oil instead of butter or canola oil, etc.
    * Add soluble fiber - old fashioned oatmeal, chia seeds, ground flax seeds, bran, etc.
    * Eat less meat and more veggies
    * Drink hot green tea with a lemon wedge
    * Up your HDL by walking 45 min or more per day
    * Cut down on alcohol to max of 2 drinks/day
    * Spiru-Tein as a protein shake once or twice a week

    This is a lot of work if you're not used to it, but way better than having to take the drugs that have bad side effects.
    Best of Luck!
    urbanranger responded:
    Plant sterols are supposed to help. Look for them in some margarines, 'heart healthy' orange juice, etc. Also available in capsule form.
    1edgewoodplace responded:
    two years ago coming back from 6 months on the beach and eating a lot of deep fried foods I had 6.8 the doctor wanted me to take 20mg Lipitor. The next day saw another dr and told him why not try 3 month of 10 mg (100 pills)
    I stopped eating eggs, yogurt, pastries, (never eat red meat or canned food) no pizza, no cheese. Took oats in water a lot of brown beans and salads. After 3 months I still had some 50 pills left and my cholesterol was down to 3.2 I walk a lot like 10-15 km a day each day lost some weight but that is fine. At 77 I am doing great.
    bobby75703 replied to 1edgewoodplace's response:
    That's great edgewoodplace. Another testimony to what a low calorie diet, and exercise can do in reducing cholesterol.

    Diet and exercise is the most powerful weapon. No pill can replace a healthy lifestyle.