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Natural Supplement CholesLo??
amyt6 posted:
I am a 50-year-old Asian female who never smoked cigarettes, with my LDL at 220 and HDL at 78. High cholesterol level runs in my family. During my check up recently, I found out that I am also pre-diabetes( I am 5 feet tall and weight 90 lbs.). It is a shocker because knowing that my cholesterol level is high, I do follow a healthy diet with lots of veggies, fruits, not much meat at all, and I don't have a sweet tooth. Besides, diabetes does not run in the family. My new doctor wanted to put me on Lipitor because she said no matter what I eat or do, it will not help to lower my LDL because it is genetic. My friend mentioned a natural supplement called CholesLo. Has anyone heard or tried this supplement before? Does it work?

Your response is greatly appreciated.
iride6606 responded:
I've heard of it and just looked on the Internet, there seem to be some bad reviews out there, hard to say if they are true or not. You can always try it, I don't see any warnings out there. If it doesn't work you can move on to some other course of treatment I guess. Is your LDL really 220 or is that your total? If it's your total you can be open to more options but if that's your LDL I would work to lower it quickly and follow my doctor's advice. That's a very high LDL and the doctor is correct, very little will lower a genetically high LDL.

I hope it all works for you.
amyt6 replied to iride6606's response:
Thank you so much for taking the time to response to my post. My LDL is 220 and the total is 316. I have been trying to get my LDL lower with diet but it didn't seem to work. I guess I will try CholesLo first to see if it works. I will try anything but statins.

Again, thanks so much for your reply.
iride6606 replied to amyt6's response:
The decision to take statins is a very personal one. Keep in mind these have been proven to be very safe and the previous thinking coming from the 90's about the danger of statins is being proved incorrect almost on a daily basis. I for one have been on statins for years, never an issue but I understand you may have a different experience so you must decide. One important thing to remember is that only 10% of your cholesterol comes from what you eat so in your case it will be very difficult to lower your LDL without medical intervention.

I wish you the best and stop by if you have any questions or just need to talk.
billh99 replied to amyt6's response:
CholesLo contains Red Rice Yeast. That is a naturally statin and from which the first statin med was developed.

The problem is that the potency varies a lot from product to product. Also a number of of red rice yeast products have been found to have other toxic ingredients.

And people using the it has reported the same side effects as a commercial statin.

And it the CholesLo also contains a large number of other products who side effects are much less known that statin.

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