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Best supplement and 'food' to help improve cholesterol
An_256920 posted:
With marginal personal numbers for cholesterol, I have been eating well (in my opinion) for years. - Oatmeal for every morning meal as well as the correct vitamins - supplements in additon to the fruits and veggies (probably a bit too much on the meats still - something I am focusing on as well).

I use bencol when a spread is 'needed' (never butter or other). The idea of 'helping reduce cholesterol" is a draw; not sure how authentic the claims are for this product.

Are ther any other good choices that can be added to the daily diet to help keep me off of cholesterol medications that might be looming in the future?
bobby75703 responded:
Its probably not what you add, but what you take away. Overall calorie reduction can go a long way to reducing cholesterol levels.

You and I are almost the opposite.

I have 2 eggs every morning for breakfast. I avoid most vitamins and supplements in an effort to get these in naturally occurring forms rather than highly processed. Like you I consume fresh fruits and veggies, but freely consume fatty red meat ( ribeye steak) with no concerns.

I use pure natural butter, coconut oil, or Olive oil, but never use corporate concocted spreads.

My cholesterol runs around 180 to 200 and I am unable to increase it no matter how hard I try.

I guess we are all different.
billh99 responded:
While Bencol has phytosterols/stanols unless you eat the whole tub you are not getting much.

You can get supplements that have contain the full amount. Cholestoff and CardioTabs are two.

Exercise helps and losing weight, if needed.

And what is your lipid profile?

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