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total cholesterol under 100?
jaamkie posted:
I have been tested several times and have very low cholesterol- total cholesterol around or a little under 100, HDL hovering around 40. I've been a vegan for years (ethical reasons, not health reasons; never had cholesterol tested before going vegan so not sure how much of a factor it is), but I eat lots of fatty foods (soy foods, olive oil, avocados) and while a healthy weight, I'm closer to too-fat than too-thin. I've also struggled with depression for years, and I've read that there might be some link between low cholesterol and depression. So, I'd like to try to raise my overall cholesterol levels to around 160 total and raise my HDL as much as possible as well. How would I accomplish this while remaining a vegan?
bobby75703 responded:
I am aware of the association between low cholesterol and depression. See your doctor. There are different causes of low cholesterol. If your doctor can establish a cause, there may be a treatment to help you.

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