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How fast does it go down?
EternalDeath posted:
Hi, I recently found out that my cholesterol is around 325, LDL through the roof, HDL way too low. I have to go to a cardiologist now because I'm having some chest pains and stuff. He started me on Crestor and low dose aspirin.

My question is, approxamatily how long does it take for statins to lower cholesterol to a suitable level?
Reta32205 responded:
This is a good question and the answer is that it depends on the indidvidual and what you are doing. I am one of those people that respond very quickly to statins. I had my total cholesterol drop 98 points in 4 weeks but at the same time my HDL levels have very slowly come up 1-5 points in 8 weeks. I was on the lowest dose of Vytorin (10/10) and 1500 mg of Niaspan and had to stop the Vytorin because the combination lowered my total cholesterol too low but did raise my HDL levels above the mid 40s from the mid 30's. I am female and my HDL levels need to be above 50.

Your doctor will have you take the Crestar for several weeks, then do a lipid panel. He may adjust it or just continue at your present dose. It may take several months to put you below the 200 mark.

Be careful if they get too aggressive and lower your cholesterol too low, that can cause health issues to arise. I have never had a doctor answer what too low is for cholesterol. Be sure you are clear what the plan is and the numbers he wants you to get to.

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