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Omega 3 1200 MG Fish Oil Pills
ped19171 posted:

I was just wondering if anyone had success with these fish oil pills?? I take about 3-4 a day of these 1200 mg pills.

I have high Triglycerides (400) and have been taking them for about a month now.

I have tried Tricor but they gave me muscle pain.

Thanks, PDQ
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
They didn't do much for me but my doctor recommended them instead of cholesterol medications. She was very encouraging about their use.
Banjos responded:
In 10/2007 my cholesterol was 214 and my triglycerides were 71. In 4/08 I started taking six capsules of fish oil daily at the recommendation of a cardiologist to prevent PVCs (heart arrythmia) I was having. In 10/2008 my cholesterol went up to 257 but my already low triglycerides were down to 49! Interestingly, the ratio of cholesterol to HDL was almost the same as the previous year. The fish oil stopped my troublesome PVCs in six weeks and I no longer have them. Now, I take Puritan's Pride Omega-3 Supreme (2 capsules daily, divided dose). One capsule contains 1,360 mg. of fish oil but a whopping 950 mgs. of Omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA). It works for me just as well as 6 capsules of the standard fish oil. My doctor and I are on the same page regarding cholesterol and heart disease. The problem is not the cholesterol but an inflammatory process that makes it adhere to the blood vessels. I will be interested to see what my lipid profile is this October.
norock84 responded:
Hi, my triglycerides were over 400 with Tricor alone, added Lovaza omega 3 acid caps..2 twice a day..triglycerides are now 128..Lovaza is by prescription only...ask your MD about it...
alfredoe responded:
Hi Ped19171: Fish oil is very efficient in reducing high triglycerides and you don?t need any medication if you are using the proper amount of fish oil.

What is the dosage?. It varies with the person and the amounts of omega 6 he/she is ingesting, they counteract the omega 3 benefits. Usually you should start taking 6.000 mg of fish a day, close to 1.800 mg of omega 3 fats (EPA plus DHA from the label) and check your blood in a month. Yuo may need higher fish oil dosage if your triglycerides are too high or your starch ingestion is high.

You can have more information at

Best wishes, Alfredo E.
Jim0828 responded:
My triglycerides, while not as high as yours, were high. I began taking a combination capsule of Omega 3 and flaxseed oil (1000mg) twice a day. I also take Crestor, and a fairly new drug for triglycerides called Trilipix. The triglycerides now are under 150 for the first time in years. My LDL is below the normal range and the HDL is above normal. I am a Type 2 diabetic. I swim about a mile five days a week. I have found that exercise plays a vital role not only in keeping my blood sugar down, but it also is great for my cardio-vascular system. The exercise also makes me feel better about myself in general.
faithrider7 responded:
They are ok. My doctor says Lovaaza is the best for high triglycerides, mine were also 1200mg and I took 2 in the morning and 2 at night every day.

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