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Generic for Crestor?
markmulligansr posted:
Is there a generic for Crestor? If not, what generics are available for high cholesterol that are similar to Crestor? I need to lower my medication costs because the price of food, gasoline, electricity and everything else is getting so expensive. Thanks, Mark
Louise_WebMD_Staff responded:
There isn't a generic for Crestor currently. You can look at some of the other treatments that are similar in our Drugs and Treatments Library before talking to your doctor. The other thing to do is call your insurance company and see what their preferred medication for your condition is and ask your doctor if that would be appropriate in your case.

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Bill30312 responded:
If you pay for your prescriptions out of pocket without the benefit of insurance, call a variety of drugstores and pharmacies and comparison shop. I priced my blood pressure medicine at five different establishments and discovered a $28 difference per month. I then called Sam's Club and it was $25 lower than the lowest priced drug store. You do not have to be a member of Sam's to use the pharmacy. There was a $53 difference on drugs that aren't that expensive to begin with.
katieg1966 responded:
I had the same problem, and have insurance. Luckily, my doctor was aware of some programs with different pharmacies in the area, that allow people to get meds at a great reduction. I now take generic Zocor, and pay only $15 for a 3 month supply from Kmart.
JoyJohn responded:
Generic Crestor is already available. It is availbale in 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. 5mg dosage of 120 pills is only $122.88 . For 10mg and 20mg dosages you can look at the price details at
Heilt6 responded:
Generic Name: Rosuvastatin.

Is this Medicine the same as Crestor? Everything I read has (Crestor) attached in Parentheses? This is a generic version that is available in Canada, It is far less expensive than here? Is it safe to take and will the effects be the same?

Thomas Heil
1523881 responded:
My doctor stated me on crestor at 10 mg with samples and it worked. He then wrote my Phx for 20 mg which cost about the same as 10 mg and I got pill spliter and cut them and my cost in half
mauimickey responded:
We just heard on the news a few nights ago that a generic for Crestor was available. I have a new prescription for Crestor and the doctor has approved me taking the generic, but CVS where I normally get my prescriptions said that the generic is not availalble for retail. Does anyone have any clue as to when it will be available for retail on the American market? Thank you.
BLJNC replied to mauimickey's response:
Today I paid $ 121.93 for 30 Rosuvastatin (Generic Crestor)
I got them at Walmart.
What the h*** is up with that?
pecas4 replied to JoyJohn's response:
I just had the shock of the price of Crestor so was checking the Generic brands and the prices. I have never ordered meds. but this internationaldrugmart perked my curiousity. I am curious if you think it is a good place to use for meds. I am thinking you have used it for sometime.

billh99 replied to pecas4's response:
This list all of the different stantins and costs for both the brand and generics.

I know that some of the stores that have cheap generics Lovastatin, Pravastatin, and Simvastatin are available for $4/month, $10/ 3 months.

So talk to your doctor about switching to one of them.
fkeanIII responded:
is their a lower priced drug than Crestor
toneman84084 replied to fkeanIII's response:
Not yet unfortunately. There are less expensive statins with Simvastatin being the cheapest, but it really is not a direct replacement for Crestor.

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