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Generic for Crestor?
markmulligansr posted:
Is there a generic for Crestor? If not, what generics are available for high cholesterol that are similar to Crestor? I need to lower my medication costs because the price of food, gasoline, electricity and everything else is getting so expensive. Thanks, Mark
monk2969 responded:
is there a generic for crestor
billh99 replied to monk2969's response:
No, there is no generic for crestor, but their are for some other stantins.

This list all of the different stantins and costs for both the brand and generics.

I know that some of the stores that have cheap generics Lovastatin, Pravastatin, and Simvastatin are available for $4/month, $10/ 3 months.

So talk to your doctor about switching to one of them.
The_Elven_One replied to JoyJohn's response:
This was posted 2 years ago and yet generic Crestor is still not commercially available. I don't know about the rest of you, but I am very skeptical about purchasing my prescription medications from an international drug mart. Due to patent contraints, the makers of Crestor (Astra-Zeneca) will be the first to produce the generic form of Crestor for a period of time. After that then other manufacturers will begin to produce it as well. Only then will the consumer public see the savings that typically come with generic substitutions for Prescription medication. The fact that this online prescription retail outlet is touting a generic for Crestor makes me wonder about the legality of doing so. Not only that, but the FDA has not approved it's use within the US, nor has it been checked to make sure that 10mg is actually 10mg and so on and so forth. If you're curious about a generic being available. Check with your Doctor or pharmacist. they would know best.
billh99 replied to The_Elven_One's response:
You are right. Crestor has another 4 years on their patent.

But generic Lipitor is to be available next month.

And both Lipitor and Crestor are high potency statins.

But Crestor is metabolized by different path then most other statins. Thus is often tolerated by those that can't take others.
Louisn replied to The_Elven_One's response:
Used generic Lipitor from Canada for 5 years and got same cholesterol numbers as the "real" Lipitor. At about a 1/10 of the cost. Used Planet Drugs-very professional in all areas. Required a faxed prescription. Switching to Crestor generic and will buy from Canada-t $100 per YEAR with proper pill cutting.
southender replied to billh99's response:
I for one am unable to use any other "statins" except Crestor because any others I have used have resulted in severe muscle pain. I do not know why, I only know this is the only one I can use. Luckily I have a prescription drug plan but it still costs $45 for a one month supply even with my plan. I would love to see a generic available on the market,
CGRIFFIN999 replied to pecas4's response:
My credit card warned me not to use the INternationaldrugmart in Canada because of all their fraudulent activities. Capital One said if I insisted on using them they would not honor any fraud or denials on my part regarding my purchase. So I canceled my order and sent them an email advising about their terrible reputation.
Thanks -- just happened yesterday 3/26/2012
stevebeckam replied to billh99's response:
yes, i agree with you. As you said the generic form of lipitor (Atorvastatin) available in online in the form of following dosages, 10mg, 20mg, 40mg, 80mg. If any one need full information, here is the reference address.
billh99 replied to stevebeckam's response:
stevebeckam replied to BillH99 's response: yes, i agree with you. As you said the generic form of lipitor (Atorvastatin) available in online in the form of following dosages


Generic lipitor is not available in the US and will not be available in for several years.

Okiemomma2012 responded:
You can ask your doctor for samples, our insurance doesn't cover Crestor so I know what you mean about the cost. My doctor gave me about a year worth of free samples. How are you doing on the Crestor, I am having tons of side effects.
Okiemomma2012 replied to BLJNC's response:
Ask your doctor for samples, they get free samples of meds from the sales reps. My doctor game me a year worth of Crestor, our insurance doesn't cover Crestor
ShakeNBake replied to JoyJohn's response:
There is NOT a generic for Crestor; their patent won't expire until at least 2016. There are companies overseas that market their product as generic Crestor, but if you think their product is the same thing as Crestor, you're mistaken.

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