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Is high Total Cholesterol a danger if HDL is very high?
An_188328 posted:
I am female, 47, with a Total Cholesterol (TC) of 236 mg/dl. However, my HDL (good cholesterol) is 91 (!), my Triglycerides are 94, LDL is 126 and VLDL is 19. So my HDL/TC ratio is great, and my TR/HDL ratio is also great. Is the high total cholesterol a worry under these circumstances? Is an HDL of 91 suspiciously high, so that redo-ing the blood work is warranted? I am 15 lbs overweight, but very physically active - walking 8-12 miles a day. (Perimenopause is making it hard to lose weight.)
bobby75703 responded:
Anon, Your lipid profile somewhat reminds me of the 1989 study on the Greenland Eskimos who had little to no cardiovascular disease.

Their total mean cholesterol was much like yours, clocking in at 240. But they had high HDL of 62. (Yours is even higher at 91.)

But most surprising is the LDL the Greenland Eskimos had. Theirs came in higher than yours at 170.

By all means the Greenland Inuit Eskimos had high cholesterol numbers on all accounts, bigger waistlines, yet suffered almost no heart disease compared to western nations like the United States.

I think you have nothing to worry about. Keep up the exercise.
sunriser4 responded:
I had to reply.. my cholestrol is alot like yours.. Total 255 LDL- 150 Hdl-101 Triglycerides -63! Im female 49 yrs. old. My LDL just this year jumped to 150 from 95..but HDL went from 96 to 101.. I am 20 LBs over weight and am menopausal.I have to guess thats why my LDL has jumped the way it has. My doctor wants to put me on medication but I do not think I need it. I started taking fish oil, hoping to reduce the LDL alittle.I alsohave always excercised, like you, walking 2 miles a day.If your concerned maybe you could take fish oil also. Im going to go back for a recheck soon to see if the fish oil has helped.. Ill let ya know.
Reta32205 replied to sunriser4's response:
This is an example of a doctor not thinking. Yes, the LDL is a little high but you should be able to reduce that with lifestyle changes. Your HDL is great, I would love to have half of that. The highest mine has ever been is 49 and usually hovers around 41-45.

I would resist the statins.

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