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Pravastatin and memory loss
rpfan posted:
My doctor has suggested that the 40 mg daily of pravastatin I am taking to help control cholesterol may be contributing to some memory loss or recall problems I am having. However, I haven't been able to find anything on the internet that speaks to this as a possible side effect. Can anyone shed any authoritative light on this?
bobby75703 responded:
While memory loss is not acknowledged in the drug company literature, its a common complaint among statin users in the real world.

Cholesterol plays a role in something called synapses in the brain. The human brain consisst of a fair amount of cholesterol.

You may be interested in reading about Dr. Graveline's experience with memory problems on statins. He suffered amnesia and wrote a book called "Lipitor, thief of Memory" His website is

I have been monitoring real world patient complaints of side effects from statins for several years now. Memory is one of the common complaints, and I have personally witnessed it in family and friends using statins.
rpfan replied to bobby75703's response:
Thanks, I'll check out Dr. Graveline's site.

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