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need an expert
mtohio posted:
I want to know what can be the cause of a vitamin D level of less than 2 vitamin D level has not been over 8 in the last couple of years and a very high copper level in the latest blood work
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billh99 responded:
I don't know what kind of test you got.

The desired level of D is still being debated. But I have seen number from 20 to 50 ng/ml of 25 hydroxy.

I believe that is the most common way that D is measured, but there is components.

Ask your doctor about this, and maybe get those rerun in a month.
bobby75703 responded:
While I do not consider myself an "expert", I have studied vitamin D for a basic understanding. I can shed some light on the basic principles.

The primary source for vitamin D is from sunlight. The sun shines on a cholesterol component within the skin layers which triggers the process of making vitamin D. The angle of the sun is important. Mostly between 10am and 2pm produces the most vitamin D. Also your latitude is important. You want your shadow to be no more than half your height to achieve the best results.

The natural pigment of your skin will also be a factor. Lighter skin makes D faster, while darker skin makes D slower.

Foods that provide vitamin D are oily fish like salmon, and Dairy products.

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