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Lower cholesterol level with your daily foods
Mike8781 posted:
It was a burden to purchase those drugs to lower the cholesterol. I have learn some tips on healthy cooking that really work on my cholesterol. Is very simple and with your daily foods like tomato, vegetable oil and more. Would like to share with each other at
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taulandi responded:
With regards to vegetable oil, are they all the same? I mean, I know olive oil is great, however, not everyone likes its smell. What about sunflower, maize, flaxseed, palm or other cooking oil are they the same?
bobby75703 replied to taulandi's response:
100% virgin olive oil is different.

Most of the Vegetable oil in the US comes from soybean oil. It is processed with a solvent called hexane which is highly flammable, and very close to gasoline.

They claim the hexane is all removed from the product, however some residual hexane has been found in the final product.

I like natural foods that have undergone minimal processing like 100% virgin olive oil.
thepac13 responded:
I don't cook.
scherryd responded:
Website does not work.
ermahampton responded:
Here is work out free fitness chart which say how may calories men and women can burn by doing daily activities.

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