Alternative supplement for high cholesterol
jshaqmomma posted:
Have any of you tried "red yeast rice" supplement? I was given a med for my high cholesterol and after reading all of the warnings on the enclosed sheet, I decided not to go that route. I am trying this supplement available in health food stores. I go to receive my blood work next month and will report my results to you.
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KathyJane21 responded:
I have not....thank you.
bobby75703 responded:
Red Yeast Rice is a statin. It was the first statin before they started making synthetic statins in the lab. It is not without risk.
thepac13 responded:
Works on same level as prescribed medicine,and has the same side effects.still need to have blood test. A Dr. told me this.
ranips responded:
I was prescribed red yeast rice by a heart doctor, and I started getting pain in my left leg. I was asked to stop RYR. The pain used to throb while i took RYR. Now that I have stopped RYR, the pain in my left leg persisits and mostly when I lie down to sleep, hence preventing my falling asleep and when I wake up the pain is still there. It goes down once I start to move around.