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albaanderson86 posted:
In Cholesterol the people can eat rice or not because in this even drink & tobacco is also not allowed. for information I would like share the information on this site the url is"

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peggyanngoldacker; responded:
iI don' t smoke. or drink alchol
peggyanngoldacker; responded:
They say that If you eat oatmeal every morning it can help lower your cholesterol level. I eat a bowl of it every morning. started back to eating it two weeks ago.
peggyanngoldacker; replied to peggyanngoldacker;'s response:
another way I am trying to lower my cholesterol is by taking medicine the doctor prescribes for me. As fo right now I am on Vytorin
bobby75703 replied to peggyanngoldacker;'s response:
Peggy, Its great that you don't smoke or drink. Those are lifestyle decisions that will pay you back with a higher quality of life, and perhaps a longer life.

The oatmeal is another excellent choice. Consuming pure and natural foods free from processing and additives is smart.

The Vytorin will no doubt lower your cholesterol, however I would not look to Vytorin to increase lifespan, or add anything to the quality of life.
fitlil replied to bobby75703's response:
I read that if you drink a half a glass of beer that is ok and helps to lower cholesterol
bperone replied to fitlil's response:
Crestor help with liwering cholesterol overall. It does a well lowering bad and raising good. Trilipix is great for lowering tryglerides counts. the key is weight management and exercise. If you are overweight--then lower your carb intake. carbs form sugars that create body energy so it can function. If you do not use all of the sugar--then it is store=da s fat in your tummy. this causes issuesa sthe fat lies atop you vital organs. It also casues diabetes. If you can lower you carb intake--get some form of exercise--walk hits golf balls whatever--work in the yard. It will help burn the excess--while in the other side less carbs will bring less to burn--resulting in tummy fat burn off. I am 57 and trying it now--I will go 2 weeks--no pasta--no white bread and no potatoes. It will hurt--but i will try. I will shar e the results of this little experiment

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