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Lower cholesterol without drugs
meb129 posted:
I also had cholesterol numbers that kept inching higher. At 237 my dr. suggested meds. I don't want to go that route so took a good look at my diet. I thought I ate healthy, but really, my daily poached egg on dense wheat toast with butter had to go. Same for the half and half I put in my one morning cup of coffee (probably near 1/4 cup! I like it light). Now I put skim milk in that coffee and drink a glass of skim milk before going to bed (I think I sleep better). I also started eating slow-cooked oatmeal for breakfast and homemade hummus sandwiches for lunch, more celery and carrots for afternoon snacks at work, and an occasional apple. I do not like to eat a sweet breakfast so I put salt and pepper on my oats. I try to walk more. I still eat chocolate. Within 4 mos. I was able to lower my cholesterol to 193 (and lose a little weight). I hope some of these suggestions are helpful.
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Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
Congratulations! Lifestyle change isn't always easy but you seem to have found ways to make it work for you!

Thanks for sharing your story and the steps you took to bring down your numbers.

hikerherb responded:
my dr. just called today to say that we might consider a cholesterol med because my total cholesterol is now around 290 (high); however, I'm 63 yr male, 5'6/140, vegetarian, runs 5-10 mi daily, takes omega 3, olive oil, daily weights and exercise, non-smoker, non-alcohol, retired and with a HDL/72. I'm leaning to continuing my health routine and with a few more dietary adjustments, maybe cut back on the cheese and eggs and forego the statins which have their own issues. hikerherb
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to hikerherb's response:
Sounds like a great plan hikerherb!

Keep it up and let us know how your lifestyle changes affect the numbers.

suki65 replied to hikerherb's response:
intermittent fasting has helped me i will never take another statin ever
Amalie replied to suki65's response:
Mine was 193 (total) and I barely ate as it was. I felt the same about statins but I did decide to go on them and see if they helped. The 20 mgs which do not bother me to badly brought the total number down to 130 in just a couple of months. That is a big amount.
suki65 responded:
hi meb129
have you tried intermittent fasting ?
suki65 replied to hikerherb's response:
hi hikerherb
i had to go on statins but have suffered for it i now am intermittent fasting which is bringing my levels right down
suki65 replied to Amalie's response:
Hi Amalie ,
If you happen to get any sid effects please stop right away as i have suffered .
to keep my levels down i am intermittent fasting
iride6606 replied to suki65's response:
Because you suffered bad side effects we should all stop our statins if we have a side effect? Really?

Amalie, talk to your doctor, they may well take you off the statin or they can try another drug or dose that will work.

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Healthy Snack
In order to help my cholesterol numbers, I have switched to more cholesterol friendly snacks, such as raw almonds. More
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