carmel_2010 posted:
I am not understanding all these words that you guys are putting on here as in O and BD and OPK>>>> someone help am on my 4th months of clomid and i take 50mg for 5 days on the 5 day of my far no luck but i did have a Ultrasound November 4th and there were some eggs so i guess thats good....dont know much about whats good....and i go for another US on Monday.....i hate waiting and i am so not a patient person and i hate waiting but i guess its worth it...i just keep saying to myself i hope its this month and i get dissapointed as usual....
Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
I can help with some:


BD= baby dancing (sex)

OPK=ovulation prediction kit

Any others you have questions about please feel free to ask.
faithandhope5239 responded:
I have trouble waiting too. I start my second round of clomid tonight. No luck last month. Hopefully I will O this time. Good Luck!
carmel_2010 replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
thanks!!!! i really was wondering what all the words meant