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Round 1
Conceive2 posted:
I've recently started taking 100mg Clomid and noticed almost immediately that my brain felt like it was just swooshing around in my skull and got extremely dizzy, to the point I had to stop moving or fall over. I know one of the side effects are dizziness but I was wondering what the best time of taking Clomid would be and how to subside the dizziness that comes along with it? I usually take it an hour or so before my husband and I go to bed.

Also, what are the steps you're taking to ensure you conceive? If you don't mind sharing, of course
gooch34 responded:
Hi Conceive2...This is my first time taking Clomid but from reading the different blogs....we should take it at night...supposedly u would sleep throughthe side effects...I am having trouble distinguishing AF from spotting...I don't saturate a pad but i am flowing lightly...would you call this CD1 or not...
nykole12 replied to gooch34's response:
My Dr. said as soon as there is blood, that is day 1.
Heavenleahangel69 responded:
Hi, Conceive2; I am newly on 100 mg of Clomid as well, and I am feeling quite dizzy as well. Even though I take it at night, I still get the effects of it and the hot flashes. I am 35 and my dr seems to think this will do it for me to conceive our first bio child. (We have an adopted lil boy, almost 4.)
As for steps to ensure pregnancy. I was told by a nurse at the OB/GYN's office that she has had MANY women use a little cup called the "Instead" cup in conjunction with the strategic baby making dance. Sorry if this is TMI, but, The Instead cup is a little soft cup that is inserted to prevent AF from leaking out for several hours at a time, but when used during baby making, we are using it to kind of keep "all the little swimmers" {in} and not {out} and up closer to the cervix thus giving more swimmers a better chance, She claims many women have had success using this. We are trying it, too. We got them from Early pregnancy Maybe it will work for you too! Good Luck!
eyeluvbn responded:
I started taking 50mg of clomid back in July of 2010 and I took it in August and September as well. I took a progesterone test in September and found out I haven't even been ovulating so they bumped me to 100mg in October and I found out November 5th I was Pregnant. We lost the baby at 10 weeks on December 7th. We think it was due to not have a cycle for over 2 years. My dr reccommend I wait 1 month before trying the clomid again I now am on round 2 of the 100mg clomid. I usually take my clomid around noon. Usually right before I eat. I know everyone is different, but I honestly have never been dizzy. But I do get hot flashes ALL the time. I've talked to my doctor and there is no exact time you have to take it as long as it's roughly the same time everyday. I hope this helps!
gooch34 replied to eyeluvbn's response:
Ok girls...I am due to start my clomid tomorrow 4/18/11. My only worry is that my doc put me on provera to regulate my cycle and this last cycle lasted only from Thursday till was light to medium...not very heavy...does that decrease my chances of conceiving...i am praying that i can get this on the 1st luck to all....
Conceive2 replied to Heavenleahangel69's response:
Hi Heaven

I'll have to try out the "Instead" cup along with Clomid (ty for suggestion!). Anything helps, right?

Good luck on your end!! Hope it works out
Heavenleahangel69 replied to Conceive2's response:
I hope this little trick works for everyone who tries it. We are trying it as well. Clomid is over and I should be ovulating within the next week. Pin pointing the exact time has been the hardest part for me. Im using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and this month I got the ovulation tests to try and better my chances of pinpointing my exact ovulation. Ive heard the Clearblue monitor will be messed up or irregular because of the Clomid. I hope this works. Im 35 and my biological clock is screaming! Lol
chaos612 replied to Heavenleahangel69's response:
understand completely im 37 and have benn ttc for almost 2 years now. have found the clear blue opk to work well i have had 2 preganancy so far from the clomid but no successful births yet but im keepinh my faith in GOD

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