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LittleO125 posted:
Hi ladies! I just wanted to update that I tested around 5:00 this morning (13 DPO) and got a dark BFP!!!! I still can't believe it! I could not even go back to sleep after. Pray that it sticks!
mstimp responded:
OMG!! Thats great!!! Praying for you!!
Lojo1021 responded:
Congratulations!! That's such great news!
Sending you sticky vibes!
MLGammella replied to Lojo1021's response:
nordygirl33 responded:
OMG so so happy for you:) Blow some of that baby dust our way!!! Wish you lots and lots of happiness
me (33) hubby (37) TTC for a year. Did 3 rounds of Clomid and just had my 2nd IUI on July 23rd, now in the 2WW.
Lopersgrl responded:
Congrats... and i will definitely be sending sticky prayers your way.. good luck!!!
ginagaston responded:
Hooray! How many months were you on Clomid?
nbocker responded:
sending oddles and boodles of sticky vibes your way
Nicky (32) DH(32) Josh(14) Marcus(11) Aiden (7) trying for a 4th, hopefully a GIRL :)
LittleO125 replied to ginagaston's response:
This was only my first month on Clomid (13th month TTC). We were very blessed to have it happen so quickly!
ginagaston replied to LittleO125's response:
you give us all hope! All of us on this page can use that....I have been ttc for abt 13 months as well and this is my first 2WW.
mandy32303 responded:
Congrats!! Wishing you all the best! Keep us updated!


BabyParks replied to LittleO125's response:
So excited for you LIttleO125. It happened for me first month on clomid too. Glad you are preggers and praying you are healthy and baby is also!
BridgetBurke responded:
That's wonderful news, LittleO125! Wishing you a healthy, happy pregnancy and a healthy, happy little one. Keep us posted. Lots of prayers for you.

LittleO125 replied to BridgetBurke's response:
Thank you all so much! It really means a lot I also wanted to add that we used Preseed this month, so maybe that helped.

Baby dust to all of you!
Stenya replied to LittleO125's response:
Congratulations!!! All the best these next coming weeks and months!

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