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1st month on clomid 100mg and a BFP!!!!
mstimp posted:
Reading the information on this board has helped me so much I just wanted to announce that after 2 months on clomid (1 month 100mg) I recieved a BFP I had blood drawn and its confirmed...Please stay positive God has the last say in these situations, Best wishes and tons of baby dust to all of you!!!
Lopersgrl responded:
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you. Good luck on your pregnancy and i am sending lots and lots of sticky dust your way...
BabyParks responded:
yay congrats to you. I agree 100% he is in control and so glad you got your BFP this time. Congrats again and happy and healthy mommy and baby..!!!!!
nordygirl33 responded:
Congrats to you:) Wishing you all the best
me (33) hubby (37) TTC for a year. Did 3 rounds of Clomid and just had my 2nd IUI on July 23rd, now in the 2WW.
mandy32303 responded:
Thats is super news!! Sticky Vibes to you! What cycle day did u test? Did you have any symptoms?

mstimp replied to mandy32303's response:
Thanks!!! I don't know exactly what you mean by cycle day, do you mean missing my cycle or cycle of clomid?
Stenya responded:
congratulations!!! I am also on my second round of clomid (first round 50mg, this round 100mg). It does give hope thats for sure!!

All the best to you!
Bound4Baby responded:
Hello! I am new to the community and I am trying to figure out all of the abbreviations. What is BFP and 2WW?

Congratulations again!
BabyParks replied to Bound4Baby's response:
BFP=Big fat positive
2WW=two week wait

I had to find a list of them to get them also. I hope everyone gets a BFP soon and sticky dust to those already preggo!
Bound4Baby replied to BabyParks's response:
I had figured out a few of the others but would never have figured out BFP. Thanks!

Baby dust to you!
mandy32303 replied to Bound4Baby's response:
This will be round 2 of clomid for me too, so my hopes are high with all of the BFPs around!!

Baby Dust to all of us still waiting for our BFPs and Sticky Vibes to those who already got theirs!!!

Blessings to all!!

BabyParks replied to Bound4Baby's response:
You are very welcome. Baby dust to you also
livelaughmoe replied to mstimp's response:
I think she meant what CD did you take the pregnancy test on, that was positive?
mstimp replied to livelaughmoe's response:
I tested on the 1st day that my cycle should have been here...I had no symptoms of it coming and i'm rarely far as pregnancy I have had no symptoms I am just a lil tired but nothing prompted me to test from that.

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