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    First Round of Clomid 100mg
    HunniCakes posted:
    Hey ladies!

    Tuesday, 2 days away, I start my very first round of Clomid. Hopefully it will be my ONLY round. Maybe a July 2012 baby I'm very hopeful. My MD prescribed 100 mg on the first round because for the past 3 cycles I have not ovulated at all! Any side effects I should be aware of? What's the best time of day to take it. I work throughout the day so I was thinking about that it before I go to bed. I'm so excited and hopeful that I get my very own first BFP I might take it Tuesday at 12:01am. I can't wait til Tuesday.

    Watch my Dust!!

    HunniCakes responded:
    I was thinking about (*TAKING*) before I go to bed.
    hopingsoontobemom responded:
    Hey HunniCakes,

    I did my first round of clomid last month, and the only side effects that I experiences were hot flashes, and I took mine around 10am every day. Hopefully I will be starting my next round soon, I am waiting for AF to come to the full flow. Anyways good luck to you and wishing you lots of baby dust.
    Wishing Baby Dust to us all!!!!
    seeshauna responded:
    The first round on clomid (50mg) for me I got a few hotflashes and severe cramping right around CD 16 that lasted for a week. My Dr. said I was probably ovulating and I think that was it because I did ovulate the first month the second month I got the hot flashes and some visual tracer type things usually going from dark to light or light to dark. I didn't get cramping the second month (thank god!) I got a BFP on the second cycle too! I hope it works for you!!
    BabyParks responded:
    hoping it works for you. With my DS I got a BFP my first round on 50mg of clomid. We had been trying a long time and got pregnant really fast. I had him Oct. 2009 and here I am going thru the whole process again. After 16 months I am still trying but not giving up hope for baby 2. I know it will happen for us all very soon. Baby dust to you! I did not have symptoms other than very ill with everyone but everyone is different on clomid. Hoping you have mild symptoms. I also took it at bedtime and the same time each night. They told me to do that at the dr and the pharmacy also. Bedtime and same time each night. But i've done it for 4 cycles and clearly that didnt make it work any better cause with DS I didn't do that, lol! Anyways, after surgery and all hoping I get my BFP sometime in the next few months!

    Baby dust to you!
    HunniCakes replied to hopingsoontobemom's response:
    Yes!! The hot flashes are too much for me. LOL!! I am already a Hot MaMA. Other than that, I don't really have any symptoms. Today is CD10. OMG I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. I have, however, gotten a cold. Hopefully this does not interfere with ovulation. Any meds I should stay clear of?
    HunniCakes replied to BabyParks's response:
    Yeah and BABY DUST to you too! Thanks for responding


    **~~Watch My Dust~~**
    HunniCakes replied to seeshauna's response:
    I definitely have the hot flashes, no other symptoms. Well, I am extremely emotional, both ways. I figure it's just the thought of getting pregnant and the whole TTC journey, that's got me emotional.

    Baby Dust to you!!


    ~~**Watch My Dust*~~
    HunniCakes responded:
    I forgot to update! Sorry. I actually took the Clomid CD 3-7. Today, Monday Sept 26, is CD11 and we are just going to BD everyday if we can.
    HunniCakes responded:
    So, today is Clomid Cycle #2 100 mg CD 16 and I got my first smiley face!!!! Yes you heard it! Clear Blue Digital Ovulation Kit.... not a BFP but just wait 2 weeks... Me and DH BD last night just for GP then again just now when I got my I am so EXCITED! Last Clomid Cycle I did ovulate but I wasn't tracking it so there was no timed intercourse... just lovemaking for fun!

    Throw some baby dust over here ladies!

    ~~**Watch my Dust**~~

    nursingdoneright replied to HunniCakes's response:
    hello ladies, this is my first round of clomid endocrinologist (i had my tubes reversed April of 2010) gave me 100mg of Clomid because my HSG (dye test that shows if the tubes are open) showed i only had my right tube that was open.....wooosh any way my first day of my last period was 10/19/11 i took clomid day 5-9 which ended on thur the 27th of Oct....ok so im so now im 5 days post last clomid..calender day 14 and still negative opk!!!! I can feel when i ovulate it hurts on that one side...i ovulate i just ovulat only on the left side typically....i guessinventing because im super worried that i have no ovulation pains and i want DH and I to have at least one baby...if Jesus bless us with just one baby together ill be super happy....come on morning sickness im ready for stick baby dust to everyone big sigh...just worried i guess.

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