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Here goes Round 4...
Bound4Baby posted:
I am on day 2 of my forth round of clomid and am wondering if I should change my OB/GYN. he suggested we wait until October before trying IUI and from reading many posts from the group, we should be starting IUI this cycle. Also, I am going to order the pre seed and see if that helps as well as try the Instead cups b/c I always feel like more of DH's sperm comes out than actually stays in after BD. My doctor also isn't monitoring me throughout my cycle. I am going to call him and ask him to check the size of my follicles right after I O. is that the best time to check? Also DH just had SA done and we are waiting on the results. thanks ladies for al of the support given on this board. it makes the days go by faster ad calms me down aout the process.

Wishing Baby Dust to all of you !!!
kmf09 responded:
Hi. Well, my personal opinion would be to switch to a fertility specialist or RE (reproductive endocrinologist). They are the ones who will monitor you closely. He hasn't done one ultrasound since you've been on Clomid?

My OB had just prescribed the Clomid to me over the phone, after I called him a million times to get my test results. Anyway, he ordered 3 cycles of 50 mg, and never was testing me at any point throughout those cycles--I didn't know what my levels were or anything. When I only had a 23 day cycle on my second cycle, I called and he upped me to 100 mg. After that, I decided I needed more of an intervention. I then met with my new dr (an RE), and they did an ultrasound the first day we met and did bloodwork, which hadn't been done at all. They test your levels at CD 3 (FSH) and do an ultrasound to make sure you don't have any cysts from the Clomid (a side effect that no one told me about). Then you go back for an ultrasound BEFORE (CD 12) you ovulate so you know how many follicles you have and the size of them. After, CD 19-21, they test your progesterone level to make sure you ovulated. This is what these doctors specialize in, and I am a firm believer in that they do all this monitoring for a reason---because it needs to be done. We are taking meds and trying and trying and just want to be reassured that things are working.

As far as the IUI goes--I saw a second RE (Due to insurance reasons) and she said they generally don't do more than 3 rounds of Clomid. I did 4-two of 50, two of 100. I didn't do IUI though--just had the Pregnyl injection on CD 13 of this last cycle. I am now pregnant from that cycle! Even though the other RE I met with said that if you don't respond to the first two cycles you generally won't. Who knows, maybe we just needed the timed sex?!

Keep us updated. You are early into your cycle, so I'd contact someone now to get in so you aren't missing info this cycle! Best of luck to you!!
livelaughmoe replied to kmf09's response:
Great Post! Thanks for the details, and hope!
BabyParks responded:
I may want to try and find another one that will monitor you with ultrasound while on clomid. I would hate for you to be getting cyst and not know. That has happened to me several times. I would say if your hubby has had normal SA you may not need IUI. Just weigh your options and if you could get in with an RE close to you that may be better for them to monitor you closer. Bloodwork is also a must while on clomid. I have it day 2 or 3 and day 11 or 12 and then again day 21 usually. So hope you get some answers soon. Baby dust to you!
BabyParks replied to BabyParks's response:
Just read Kmf09 and I agree 100% with her. Wish I would have read that before even posting!
BabyParks replied to kmf09's response:
Hope you are doing great. Have you had your first U/S yet and when are you due? Also what is pregnyl exactly?
kmf09 replied to BabyParks's response:
hi. I actually responded about the ultrasound on the other post. I had one yesterday because I had that scare yesterday morning. Since I was only 5 2/7 wks, all we were able to see was the sac. I think they will do one in a week or so. I have to go back on Monday for bloodwork, so I will find out when the next one will be. I calculated the due date to be May 21 based on a due date calculator. Since I knew the exact date that I ovulated, it was easier to figure out.

As far as the Pregnyl (which is how i knew when i ovulated), it is an HCG injection. It induces ovulation to occur within 36 hrs. So basically I took it Sunday morning and was told to have sex 36 hrs after that. They also use the Pregnyl with IUI--at the practice I am at, anyways. SO! Look into it, I checked it out and there was no estrogen in it-which I know you are concerned about. Hope this helps!
BabyParks replied to kmf09's response:
Thanks girl. I read your other post and responded there as well. I took ovidrel when I did IUI with clomid and it is the same thing I bet. Its an HCG shot also that triggers ovulation. I was just curious. Well thanks again!
Bound4Baby replied to kmf09's response:
Sorry for the delay in responding, my hubby and I were moving all week. Surrounded by boxes but we are finally done! At least my former doctor did one thing right, he always did an ultrasound on CD3 to check me for cysts before prescribing each round of clomid. When we first started TTC he did a full panel of tests to check all of my hormone levels and he said they all were good. In frustration, I went to a new OB on thursday and she is having all of my records transfered from my former OB; HSG xrays and all of my blood work. She has also set me up with a fertility specialist and a genetic specialist. I am over 40 years old and considered high risk. I felt really good about her right away because shetook me through the steps on how she plans to monitor me troughout my cycle. I have my first appt with the fertility specialist on thursday which will be CD13. she said maybe I just need one more month of frequent BD, but she wil have a better picture once she looks at all of my tests. I am trying to decide if I should switch from my work's PPO insurance to an HMO. Through the HMO all of ther fertility treatments would be covered. Are IUI and the injectables expensive?
Bound4Baby replied to BabyParks's response:
Very informative! I hve been reading many posts where they are monitored throughout their cycle on specific cycle days and I was wondering if my doctor was waiting to start that process or simply too busy to see me that frequently. I had hoped that we would get pregnant with his plan because he always had a waiting room full of women and they were always pregnant. But I know every case is different so I have to figure out what's going to work for me. How are you doing?
kmf09 replied to Bound4Baby's response:
Hi. Well I'm glad you made the call for a new ob. Sometimes just to have someone else look at you and your results makes the difference. Does your insurance cover those items? (iui and injectables?) I'm not sure about prices on those. I guess it depends on where you live too what they charge for iui. The meds should be the same, and for me meds aren't covered, there us a copay tho. I'd see what your insurance covers for infertility.

I knew I read some where about the cups- and saw today it was on your post. I would try to lay flat as long as possible after sex. I actually would lay with my legs straight in the air for 10 min, then lay flat. If you're going to bed- all the better! If you have to get up tho-stat laying for at least 10 min. so insane-I know. Also-they say that the liquid portion is just that-extra fluid. The sperm that will swim go up fast! All these things we have to think about. Craziness!!

Well good luck. Hope you're settled into your new place! Let us know how things go!
BabyParks replied to Bound4Baby's response:
I am glad you are going to figure things out for you guys and what is best for you. I know when I go to my pain dr. he is an obgyn and there are pregnant women everywhere and they are all happy and excited. It's hard going there but I do it cause I hurt. My RE however is a fertility dr. so there are no preggers there He usually releases people before you would even be able to tell they were pregnant anyways so it makes me feel better going there with other women going thru what I am. I am taking one more month off to see what happens. I am hoping after talking with hubby's urologist wed. everything will be a go for IUI next cycle.
Bound4Baby replied to kmf09's response:
I am going to call my new OB's billing dept and check on the costs. If it isn't covered thru my PPO then I will switch to an HMO in October during open enrollment. It's odd, but all infertility treatments are covered under HMO.

We have been trying all sorts of crazy positions to get the sperm to "stay in". lol it is really comical when you think aout it. he even pulled me into a handstand once to try to get a little help from gravity!

I am really excited about my new OB! I went in to see her on CD 12 and she did an Ultrasound and told me I have a lot of follicles and I should start BD right away. She thinks I should skip the Clomid w/ IUI and go straight to injectables w/ IUI since I just finished round 4 of clomid. She is waiting to get all of my new blood work and HSG film before making her final recommendation. I need to do a lot of BD over the next couple of days and maybe this will be my month.

How are you feeling?

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