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    Nordygirl 33 & Babyparks
    ChloeMcG13 posted:
    Hi girls,

    I just read the entire August cycle chics thread and was almost in tears at your stories, but more so for the way you support and encourage eachother. I am on my first round of clomid, so I can't imagine how difficult it was for you if I am this nervous now! I am really touched by how caring and understanding ALL of the ladies here are, and I don't know how I would be getting through this without all of you. I am SOOOOO very happy you both got your BFP, and around the same time! God definitely hears your prayers, so perhaps you can keep me in them as well - I will pray for a H&H pregnancy for you both. I really am so excited for you - your stories give me hope and keep me staying positive!
    BabyParks responded:
    So glad to hear you are starting your 1st cycle. Keep me posted on how you are doing!! I will keep checking in ok! Don't be nervous it will be fine. Is hubby had semen analysis and all check out ok? That is the first thing I would have done cause he is an easy fix usually.

    All the ladies are so supportive and I only wish I had this when trying with my DS. It only took us 9 months and I got pregnant on my first cycle with him so not bad at all!! This time I wish I would have found this community sooner it has been so amazing and such an inspiration to me. Seeing all these women and their struggles then to get to pray for them has been an honor. I had lots and lots of close people praying for me as well, my pastor, wife and some prayer warriors praying for me. I know he hears mine also but I know it's his will for this to happen and I am trying to Trust him 100%! I keep thinking in my mind once i get to 10 weeks or 14 weeks I will be out of the clear and won't have to worry about miscarriage but then I am quickly reminded that I am not in control at all. God could take my 2 year old any time he wanted if he needed him more than me. I know I could also be gone this minute. So I know he has a purpose for my life and I am trying to let his light shine thru me so others can see the hope I have in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ He is pretty amazing! I will pray for you!
    ChloeMcG13 replied to BabyParks's response:
    Thanks - I appreciate all of the prayers I can get, and I, too, am happy to be able to pray for all of the women here - I know God listens and will answer!

    How far along are you? My DH did the semen analysis and everything was fine. I am not exactly sure what is wrong with me...I am in my 2ww - I go back on Monday December 5. Super nervous and the waiting is hard. I know the chances of conceiving on the first round are slim, but I am trying to stay positive.

    I am so very lucky to have found this site and meet all of you! Funny how close I feel and how much I can relate to complete "strangers", though, I feel like I know you all well as we are going through this together!

    Take care and you will be in my prayers as well! Keep your fingers crossed for me next Monday!
    Me 32, DH 33, TTC 12 Months, First Round of Clomid 11/10 followed by Ovidrel Injection 11/19. Currently in 2ww - u/s and bloodwork 12/5 to see if it worked!
    BabyParks replied to ChloeMcG13's response:
    Did you find anything out monday? Keep me posted. I had an ultrasound monday and all was great. I am 6 weeks go back at 8 for heart beat! I will keep praying!
    ChloeMcG13 replied to BabyParks's response:
    I go in next monday for the pregnancy test. Super nervous. I know the percentage is low of me conceiving, but DH will be traveling all of December (until we go to NY to see family for 2 weeks), and all of January - he will be home Fri-Sun, but that really isn't enough time to time the meds, so we would have to wait until February for round two. Not helping!

    I am super excited for you...6 weeks! Has the time been flying by? Thanks for your prayers and you and your family are always in mine!

    Me 32, DH 33, TTC 12 Months, First Round of Clomid 11/10 followed by Ovidrel Injection 11/19. Currently in 2ww - u/s and bloodwork 12/5 to see if it worked!

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