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Clomid and IUI success after multiple miscarriages
An_243166 posted:
I just finished my FIRST cycle of 50mg Clomid. No side effects but some hot flashes at night. Dr plans to do IUI based on my ultrasound appointment next week, (if all looks good she will give me a shot to induce ovulation). Clomid and IUI was just suggested by my Dr after multiple miscarriages (3 in two years, one loss at 10 weeks, others 5-6 weeks). We have been through all the tests, and no problems were found. I tend to get pregnant easily just can't keep the pregnancies. I just turned 39 and dr said age may be a factor. She suggested the Clomid / IUI to get a "good egg" with the "right sperm". I have a 5 year old son (but he is a blessing from a previous marriage). Anyone else in a similar situation and achieved a successful pregnancy? How many rounds did it take? Multiples?

I am cautiously optimistic but could use some support, in what appears to be a unique situation. Thank you!

Lucy19 responded:
My husband and I ware trying to get pregnant right after we got married but we were not having any luck. We had to attend an infertility class and we had to go through some testing to find out if there were any problems. Apparently there were no problems and there was no explanation as to why we were not getting pregnant. My doctor suggested I take Clomid for three cycles and have artificial insemination. It only took one cycle because we got pregnant on the first try. I now have a healthy boy who is about to turn three in April. We have been trying to get pregnant again after my son turn a year old because we are not that young any more so we want to try and have our family as soon as possible. I have been getting pregnant naturally after my son was born; however, I have not been successful in keeping the pregnancies. I have already had 5 miscarriages in a row. The last pregnancy my doctor suggested I take prednisone and progesterone suppositories, which I took, but I ended up losing the pregnancy anyway. I was supposed to be 9 weeks and 5 days when I went for my second visit but there was not heart beat anymore and the baby had stopped growing at week 8. I am now going to see if my doctor can prescribe clomid once again to see if maybe that is what I need to keep the pregnancy. Otherwise, I do not think I want to keep trying only to keep losing them. I have had two D & Cs, two that came down on their own and this last one I chose to take medicine instead of having another D & C. This is really hard for me but I have so much faith in Clomid because it has been a success for us. I wish you luck...I know you will get pregnant and go on to carrying a full term baby!

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