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Test Result Mix-up
mom2bhopeful10 posted:
I did my first cycle of clomid 1/30 to 2/3 on 50 mg. I went in on 2/15 for my 21 day progesterone test.....waited for two days( felt way longer than that) the doctors office called last friday to give me the results that I had not ovulated, the doctor wanted to try clomid again and at the same dosage. I was puzzled they didnt want to increase the dose and asked the nurse about it and she said she was reading what the doctor had wrote..ok Let me tell you all I was absolutely devestated, I had thought it was me since my husband has two children from a previous marriage but it was reality slapping me in the face. So of course I have been totally depressed since the phone call. I couldnt stop thinking that there was really something seriously wrong with me and would I ever get pregnant.

I still wasnt sure about them not increasing the dose so I emailed a friend who works at the office i go to, she went and pulled my chart and come to find out that I got ABFP, I DID OVULATE!!! she also said my proget, was at 26. So even though I should be really mad about it, I am having a hard time because I am sooo happy that I actually can and did ovulate!
Me(25)DH(36)TTC(12months)Clomid 1st(1/12)

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