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Just got put on clomid
huntfishlove posted:
Well went back to doctor today and they put me on clomid. Not sure
how to feel it has been a long battle trying to get pregant. Been praying
to GOD this works. Just feels like no one around me understands..
mommyof22008 responded:
I know exactly what you mean. I am so thankful to have found this board. In these places you are surrounded by people who understand. It has been a great comfort to me. I am on my third round of Clomid and currently doing the 2ww. I am hopeful for this month, but we shall see.
Me-31 DH-36, DS-4. TTC 2nd for 18 months. 1st round Clomid 2/7 50mg-BFN, 2nd round Clomid 3/8 100mg-BFN, 3rd round Clomid 4/6.
att76 responded:
Mommyof22008 is right, without these boards we would all go insane! Having people who can relate to how you are feeling is what is great about the ladies on these boards. We all have had the same emotions at one point or another and we all "get it". This is the place to vent, scream, laugh, cry, or whatever you need to do. We will understand and let you know your not crazy by feeling that!

I have been trying for 18 months and it has been one disappointment after another. I did 3 rounds clomid, 3 rounds IUI with trigger and clomid, and then got referred to an RE. The RE did a LAP surgery and found endo and scar tissue. He removed it, but in the process of b/w he found I wasn't vacinated (or it had run out) with rubella, sooo...long story short, I have to wait until the next cycle before we can get pregnant again. It is hard to wait, but it really is a blessing. I have been so focused on getting pregnant that it hasn't been "fun".It's time to make it fun again!

Don't stress (easier said then done, I know) and hang in there! I believe everything happens for a reason and when it is suppose to...I have to believe we all will get our bundles of joy!
Me(36), DH(37), 3 rounds clomid, TTC 18 months, 3 IUIs with HCG trigger/clomid BFNs, referred to RE, appointment 3/21, LAP surgery 3/28, sitting out this month b/c of MMR shot
huntfishlove replied to mommyof22008's response:
Thank you very much for your kind words. I am on dose 4
and hoping It finally works....
huntfishlove replied to att76's response:
Thank you for giving me some really great advice. Sometimes I have to tell myself it's not all about the baby dance make it fun.. I am not as stresses really trying...

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