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New to the process
mommytrying posted:
I am new to the process. I have been trying for a long time now to have a baby and have had no luck. This is the first month that i have been taking Clomid. Has anyone had any problems with Clomid? How hopeful should i be taking Clomid?
laurasnow responded:
Welcome, and best of luck in your TTC journey. Let me say this first: I did 3 unsuccessful rounds of Clomid, in that I did not achieve a pregnancy. However, I did actually ovulate on the 2nd and 3rd rounds. So it was sort of successful, I guess. Just not enough for me! At any rate, I only had a few fleeting side effects the first two rounds (some slight dizziness on 50mg, and some hot flashes on 100mg), although the Clomid did change my periods somewhat (sorry, TMI). For some people, Clomid works wonders, and other people, not so much. I guess it's kind of a guessing game sometimes, but I personally feel hope is one of the things that keeps you going and gets you out of bed in the morning when nothing else will. Good luck, and best wishes for a successful outcome! (Sorry, so long, I get carried away sometimes...)
mommytrying replied to laurasnow's response:
Thank you Laurasnow. I found out that i have PCOS and all my blood work was ok so that's why the doctor put me on Clomid because I want to have a baby so bad and I am really hoping this works.
mssmith8907 responded:
Welcome to the TTC world! I am now on my 3rd round of clomid, the only side effects I have had so far is hot flashes! I started with clomid at 50mg and it did not bring my levels up enough. These past two rounds I have been on clomid at 100mg and I can honestly say my levels came up on my second round. I was tickled cause they actual gave me two scenerios, I was either pregnant or we would have to wait until I started. Unfortunately I started my period, but hey my levels are now high enough I could actually conceive! I just finished my third round on Saturday so now we have to do what grown ups do and then it is yet another waiting game haha! Good luck to you and hope things work out
baby1298 responded:

im kind of a newbie also. im on C #2 of clomid, in my 2ww now. i personally havent had any problems on it. first C i took 50mg, maybe one hot flash the second day i was on it, and O'ed on good egg, and AF was a little heavier then usual, but i think that's from my progesterone suppositories. this C on 100mg i triggered with ovidrel, O'ed 2 eggs, and i was feeling continuously warm the whole time. i think it just depends on the RE told me that if you have nothing else going on like PCOS, male factor, etc. you have a pretty high chance at getting pregnant within 3-6 months. since i respond really well to clomid and the only thing wrong with me is having a weak O and low progesterone, which clomid helping,my RE is confident ill get pg within that time frame. and i know a lot of women who have PCOS and went to have healthy babies on clomid

good luck to you!
me(28) DH(28) TTC since 06'. DH's SA~ good. my testosterone is slightly elevated and i have low progesterone, but all other tests came back great. this is my first C of clomid.

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Me (34) DH (36) TTC for six months. Starting Clomid next cycle.

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