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kam20 posted:
Hello so here I am again I have been on webmd for sometimes but never knew what was wrong finally I have an answer PCOS!!!! I thought that was it that means no kids and we have been trying for a while but nothing. After that I found a really good doctor who is trying to get me in a good direction. So I am taking 2.5 mg of femara have anybody taking this? Have anybody concieve just wondering also did anybody have side effects I heard that clomid was bad so I started taking femara.
att76 responded:
I have taken clomid and letrozole (femara) the side effects on femara are far less then clomid. I really didn't feel like I was taking any drugs at all. I took 5mg. I have not conceived...yet, but am hopeful. Good luck there are many who have PCOS and still have a baby!
Me(36), DH(37), TTC 20 months,3 rounds clomid, 3 IUIs with HCG trigger/clomid all BFNs, now trying naturally
maragayle responded:
I have PCOS, too. The only dose of Clomid that worked was 150mg, and that only worked sporadically.

Femara has been working for me for the past two months. I've never O'd more than one month in a row. Side effects are next to nothing on Femara. They were horrid on Clomid. I've been told PCOS patients generally respond better to Femara than Clomid. Good luck!
Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,8 rounds Clomid, round three 7.5mg Femara this cycle, test 7/23
kam20 responded:
Thank you ladies for your response I hope it works but I will not know until friday. My doctor told me she will give me a shot to start O so we will see my husband and I finally agree we would try something diff. I am glad we are both on the same page but this have been a long road.I feel like i am under pressure evertime i turn around somebody is preggos.I am praying everyday but I know god knows what is best.

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