KaylaMartin posted:
I have two children already ages 7 and 2 and both were conceived with help of an injection and the husband and myself want one or two more but can not afford anymore fertility treatments or adoption. I was told clomid is cheap and can be paid for in cash as I don't have medical just yet because even though we have been together many years we are not legally married as of now and I cant be put under his medical. We have our own home, minivan and plenty of neautral baby items so all we are missing is the big family we've wanted forever. I had someone tell me they bought their clomid online for under a hundred dollars and didnt need a prescription and fell pregnant a month or two later which is awesome but I am skeptical about buying any medication online because how do I know if it is safe or not. Do I need a prescription for the pills or can I just purchase it through the pharmacy with cash?
Leah25Brooke2 responded:
You have to have a presciption for Clomid. I wouldn't just go buying something that wasn't prescibed - it could be anything. Do you have a Dr - even an old one that knows your history - that could maybe just call in the clomid for you?
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maragayle responded:
I'm with Leah. You need a prescription and at least minimal monitoring by a doctor to make sure the medicine is working properly and you're not overstimulating your ovaries. Self medication is very dangerous.

Another thought: If you can't afford infertility treatments as basic as Clomid, you're not going to be able to afford all of the checkups, ultrasounds, delivery, etc. that come along with being pregnant. I would figure out the insurance piece then see someone professionally. Does your state allow you to file as a domestic partner? I know you can here. You just have to show proof of cohabitation and joint responsibility for bills, bank accounts, etc. My husband and I went that route before we officially married so we had time to plan and pay for a wedding.
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