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sproutkm posted:
I have been doing some reading and can se that there are alot of miscarriages while using clomid not sure if its just me being paranoid. is that what others are seeing too?
maragayle responded:
From studies that have been conducted, I've been told there isn't an increased risk from Clomid itself. It's more coincidental. For example, I have PCOS. Having PCOS puts me at a greater rate of miscarriage. So, it wouldn't necessarily be the Clomid's fault.

We're all on Clomid because there's something wrong. IE no ovulation, no period, weak/bad eggs, etc. The reason we can't get pregnant is more of the cause of a miscarriage than the Clomid itself. That being said, things like birth defects and miscarriage that are attributed to drugs such as Clomid and Femara are generally due to the patient not using the drug properly...for example, using it after already having conceived. As long as you're being monitored and have a good doctor, I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's just another one of those risks we have to weigh against becoming parents.
Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,8 rounds Clomid, round four 7.5mg Femara this cycle, test 8/27
sproutkm replied to maragayle's response:
also have PCOS but on a hormonal level(which means i dont have the cyst buildup on my ovaries, but my hormones show i do) i know he wouldnt me on it if the benefits didnt out way the negatives. and my doctor always does an ultrasound before he lets me start a new cycle of clomid. thank you lady, happy baby making to you.
maragayle replied to sproutkm's response:
They've never seen any cysts on my ultrasounds either. I have the slight discoloration in skin pigmentation and take Metformin due to my body not digesting sugars well, though I'm thankfully nowhere near being diabetic. I think our type of PCOS is more manageable than those who have cystic ovaries.
Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,8 rounds Clomid, round four 7.5mg Femara this cycle, test 8/27

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