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Clomid changing your cylce length
KGMooney posted:
In early September I had my first cycle of clomid and today was supposed to by CD 23 but when I woke up this morning I'm pretty sure AF is in town. Definitely not just implantation bleeding. I am so confused as to why AF showed THIS early. I wasn't supposed to get her until NEXT Sunday.

Has anyone experienced this?
Leah25Brooke2 responded:
I haven't experienced a cycle that short (mine are always pretty long), but it's probably normal that clomid changed your cycle, it changed mine. My periods are pretty long - like up to 41 days - with Clomid, I have 32 day cycles or shorter. This happens because Clomid changes how you ovulate, and ovulation determines when you start your period. Depending on your luteal phase, (the time from ovulation to the first day of your period) you will start your period, on average, 10-16 days after you ovulated. So the question here is: do you know when you ovulated? It could be that you ovulated early, and thus you started your period early.
Me(26)DH(29)DD(3.5) TTC 2nd- 13 mos, 1st round of clomid 50mg - BFN, 2nd - MC, 3rd- BFN. Tried naturally 6mos, on 2WW from Sep cycle of 100mg of Clomid days 3-7. Test 10/4

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