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    What is the normal or highest blood level that shows Ovulation?
    1Diva4Christ posted:
    Good morning ladies! You may call me "1Diva4Christ".

    I am on my 2nd round of Clomid (last month) on cycle days 5-10. I had blood work done on this past Tuesday (October 9th). The nurse called me yesterday (10/10/12) and informed me that my blood level was 7.6; which means I did ovulate. She stated that anything above a 3 was good. She then asked me when would I be taking a HPT. Could I be pregnant?

    My chart shows that implantation is taking place today (minus/plus 3 days). We had sex on September 28th, 29th, 30th. We skipped Monday October 1st. We had sex on Tuesday October 2nd. My big O day was Wednesday (we missed this day by accident) but we had sex the next two following days (Thursday + Friday). My nurse asked me to take my HPT on Tuseday (October 16th) provided my cycle does not come on.

    My other question is, "What is the normal blood level that shows you ovulated?" Thank you for any and all posts and comments!
    ntgps responded:
    I have heard that anything with above 6 is normal but with fertility medicines like clomid it will be above 10...Good luck
    1Diva4Christ replied to ntgps's response:
    Thank you ntgps for responding!

    Well, my cycle started today (October 17th) even though I'm only spotting for now. I may have to have my left tube removed because of possible blockage. We just KNEW this would be our month.

    I guess I'll have to start my third round of Clomid @ 100mg cycle days 5-10. My blood level was 7.6 and the nurse said anything above 3 is good meaning that I did ovulate. The test doesn't show "when" I ovulated, but that I did in fact ovulate.

    Praying that next month will be it!!
    ntgps replied to 1Diva4Christ's response:
    Hello Diva Did they do HSG test?when will they remove the block?I am not sure whether they can give you ovulation medication unless they remove the block..confirm with you dr.
    1Diva4Christ replied to ntgps's response:
    Good morning ntgps!

    Yes I did have a HsG done a about a month and a half ago. It showed my left tube having spasms (which was said that it may be blocked) and my right tube is fine because the dye went through it.

    My cycle started yesterday (October 17th) but today is considered as the 1st day of my cycle. The nurse just returned my call and said they are waiting on confirmation of my surgery to remove the left tube on October 30th this month.

    My husband REALLY doesn't want me to have any more surgeries, but this is really cheaper than IVF; especially since our insurance doesn't cover it. We were asked if we wanted to try the 3rd round of Clomid or opt for the tube removal. I think it's best to remove the tube then we can go back to another round of 100mg of Clomid.

    I just need to vent to someone who understands what I'm going through. It helps just to get it out of my system instead of worrying about it and keeping it balled up inside and exploding later.

    Thank you very much for listening. Blessings to you with your situtation as well. DIVA
    ntgps replied to 1Diva4Christ's response:
    As far as i know you took right decision....We all have aplace here to share everything that we are going through ...Good luck

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