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    Does this look like a positive opk?
    Mrs_Jolayemi posted:
    These are the dollar tree cheapies and it says they are 99 percent accurate but i took my clomid days 5-9 and i started using the opk on day 12 and got 2 lines though they were not as dark as they are today. Day 12 was the only day i got 2 lines up until today (day 17). I got this result at 3pm and tested again when i got home (1030pm) after holding my urin for 4 hours and i still got 2 lines but the second line is not as dark as the one in my profile pic in fact its very faint. Is it possible this was a false positive too or does it look like a true positive? If so why is the line already almost gone tonight?
    Mrs Jolayemi
    mands2012 responded:
    My husband and I started our journey with those kinds of OPK. From our experience, we found them very confusing and frustrating because it wasn't consistent. We have been using the Clear Blue Easy digital OPK with 20 testing sticks, which last about 2 1/2 months (I start testing on my 10th day and stop when I get a smiley face) since my cycles are irregular. This has added a little bit of excitement to the journey as well. I text my hubby the pix of the results and he knows what it means! If you are still not sure, I would really look into the CBE digital ones, causes less stress and puts the fun back into it. Hoping and praying it is positive and things work out!
    mrs62610 responded:
    From what I can tell it looks positive! Good luck!
    Me-24 DH-37 TTC 1st for 18 months. 3 rounds of Clomid all BFN's. On 4th round Femara, second IUI. Started Thyroid meds this cycle. Blood test 10/18
    Leah25Brooke2 responded:
    I think it looks positive!
    Me(26)DH(29)DD(3.5) TTC 2nd- 14 mos, 1st round of clomid 50mg - BFN, 2nd - MC, 3rd- BFN. Tried naturally 6mos, 4th round 100mg Clomid - BFN, starting 5th round Clomid 100mg.
    roxypam responded:
    Yep positive!
    Me(30)DH(38)TTC 18 mths.2rounds 50mg clomid.Ovulated but BFN.Sent to RE, on Femara 5mg (3-7), Ovidrel and IUI.
    Mrs_Jolayemi replied to roxypam's response:
    Thank u so much ladies! I thought it was too but i agree w u mands2012 they are confusing. I too bought the cb digital but it only came w 7 tests and i ran out so continued w these.
    Mrs Jolayemi

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