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Love making is starting to feel like a chore
Leafchick66 posted:
Hello, I have been on 2 cycles of Clomid 50mg and after the first cycle my Dr. that I was ovulating and to keep trying. Has anyone else had issues with the SEX part? My husband and I want a baby together so bad and it's been a long road to get here "(we miscarried in June 2010 at 9 weeks and then he was diagnosed with cancer and has had 3 operations and chemo. We were both checked out and given no reason why we would not be able to get pregnant. Although my age was an issue regarding ovulation but that has now been sorted out with Clomid. We WANT this baby so bad but we have been having issues in the bedroom this last cycle. It is starting to feel like a chore (we know what the outcome is and we are feeling guilty for being less than thrilled at doing it every other night). My husband is thinking about getting me pregnant so much that at times he is losing his erection. We are just frustrated. When it's not my fertile time we have no issues what so ever. Is is just us and if you have been in the same situation please send your suggestions for helping us in the bedroom. Thank you
maragayle responded:
One thing I've done, and I've noticed others have as well, is just not tell DH when the fertile window is. If he thinks you're having sex just for fun, he may not think about the other things going on. I know this has helped on my end some. Except when DH is lazy/tired...then I tell him, "you need to have sex with me as much as possible this week." He usually accepts the challenge.

Buy some new undies/lingerie. It will help you to feel sexy and it will pique your husband's interest. The other thing you can do is spend a little extra time on him, if you get my drift. This is probably TMI, but DH (just like any other man) loves oral. I, of course, can't stand it. However, he swears our BFP was a result of the extra personal time. Haha..

I know it's impossible, but try to put TTC in the back of your mind and just focus on having fun together and enjoying one another. I think finding little ways to spice things up takes some of the pressure off and keeps things interesting.
Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again

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