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Clomid at 41
mslewis40 posted:
Hello all. I'm 41 & have been ttc with DH for 10months now. My doc put me on Clomid for the next 3 cycles b/c I'm not "regularly" ovulating. My period are still pretty regular, 26-28 days. I started my 1st cycle of Clomid, cd 3-7. I'm on day 5. Any of you ladies "my age" tried Clomid?? Any success stories?? Comments?? Advice?? Please & thanks. Baby dust to all of us!!!!!
ntgps responded:
Hello,as far as i know clomid is used to induce ovulation irrespective of the age can as well ask the doc to do ultrasound or blood test to make sure you ovulated.
Good luck
mslewis40 replied to ntgps's response:
Hi ntgps. Thanks. Im going for my Day 21 test today. I also talked with my doc's nurse yesterday. She told me that if the results come back showing that i didn't ovulate, the doc will up my Clomid dose to 100mg. She also said to call in if or when my next cylce starts for them to schedule an ultrasound. So, we'll see how it goes. Hopefully, my results comes back in my favor..........I'm praying so.
ntgps replied to mslewis40's response:
All the best.

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