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finally starting something
sproutkm posted:
so my peroid still has not started the doc called me yesterday and he is putting me on provera(?) to start my peroid anybody been on it? i am concerned cuz i typically have pretty light peroid i have a feeling this is gonna make me heavy, i take it for 10 days the doc said its good to stay on in for the 10 days even though my peroid might start on day 1 or 2 cux it cleans out your uterus. and then he is starting me on 100 mg of clomid when i have been on 50 mg, i am thinking of asking him about femera. so will i be on clomid and this provera at the same time? thats kind of scary. need some advice.
mrs62610 responded:
Provera doesn't necessarily make you have a heavier period. It's different for everyone. I have never heard of anyone taking the provera and Clomid at the same time. If you are worried about it I would call them and explain your concerns. I only took provera a couple times and it was quite awhile ago, so I don't remember alot. Let me know how it works out! Good luck!
Me-24 DH-37 TTC 1st for 18 months. 3 rounds of Clomid all BFN's. On 5th round Femara, 3rd IUI. Adding FSH injections this cycle. Started on thyroid meds. Follicle check on 10/31
DJ3122 responded:
I agree with Mrs!! Provera doesn't necessarily cause u to have a heavier period..but u never know..coz each one's body is different..i have used provera to induce period a couple of times..and as per what i've read and experienced with provera u have wthdrawal ur period should start after u stop taking the provera..and then u start taking the dont worry u should be fine
sproutkm replied to DJ3122's response:
oh thank you that make sense. i was just concerned if i started it and day 5 i start my peroid and i had to start clomid on day 5 if that would work. thank you ladies now i am concerned on how the rx cost because my medical insurance sucks.
Leah25Brooke2 replied to sproutkm's response:
Yes taking Clomid and Provera together would be fine, if you start your period while still taking the Provera. That's what I did for my first and third rounds of Clomid. My dr said to take the provera, and if my period started while I was taking it, to start taking the clomid at the right time, even if I was still taking provera.
Me(26)DH(29)DD(3.5) TTC 2nd- 15 mos, 1st round of clomid 50mg - BFN, 2nd - MC, 3rd- BFN. Tried naturally 6mos, 4th round 100mg Clomid - BFN, 5th round Clomid 100mg - on 2ww, test 10/26
maragayle replied to sproutkm's response:
I take Provera for 5 days instead of 10...1 tablet, twice daily. I think it makes AF come quicker and you get taking the medication over with. Because of that schedule, I don't take the meds simultaneously.
Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again
sproutkm responded:
picked it up last night it was only $4!
maragayle replied to sproutkm's response:
Nice! I think I pay $3 and change for mine. Definitely nice when you find a CHEAP medication!
Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again
sproutkm replied to maragayle's response:
know right espiacially in the infertility field.

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