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Clomid questions
An_248931 posted:
My husband and i began trying 2 months ago and i completed one cycle of Clomid 50mg day 3 thru 8. I am having regular periods for about 2 yrs now (every 28 days approx.) before that i was not regular. Any advice on when to take clomid? I have heard to start day 3, day 4 or day 5? How do you decide?

Anyone change up the start day and have success?
ntgps responded:
My doc adviced me to take from day 3 to 7 and i am ovulating....also as far as i know if you dont ovulate when you take it from cd 3to7 they dont change the startup day but change either the dose or the medication itself .I heard some people taking it from day 5 to 9 but i am not sure...
princessjj05 responded:
My DOCTOR has put me on Clomid 5omg on days 5-9. Reccently she bumbped me up to 100mg on the same cd 5-9. I think it all depends on the doctor, I have read that some do days 3-7 where others do 5-9. I wish I could offer youy more help I would suggest talking to your OB. They really do have a plan and better understanding of when to do what...Have you done an infertility work up yet? The blood test, HSG, and SA? If not you should consider it! It maybe that one of your tubes is blocked, or there is an issue with your husband...Better to find out what you are dealing with before you start shooting in the dark GOOD LUCK!

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