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Not ovulating on clomid. Now what?
chickenluttle posted:
I've just finished my 7th round of clomid and I have yet to ovulate. This last month was 200 mg of clomid and 500mg of metformin and my progesterone came back at 0.1. So no ovulation again. My doctor said this would be the last month of this and now I need to go back in and reevaluate. Does any one know what the next step might be? I'm just a bit discouraged (shocker I know).

ntgps responded:
Hi Chickenluttle,

Is progestrone on day 21 is 0.1?
Did you go for HSG test?you will have difficulties when tubes are blocked and there are various other reasons for not ovulating so dont worry it is good if doctor reevalute so that it helps to solve your problem.
Also I heard for some women clomid doesn't work in that case doctors shift to different ovulation medication... also metformin helps to ovulate(if used over a period of time).
Good Luck.
maragayle responded:
There are lots of options. You definitely need to make sure you've had your hormone levels looked at and a HSG done. It could be that Clomid just didn't work for you. You may be able to try Femara instead. I had very little luck on Clomid, but was able to get pregnant on Femara. Unfortunately, I miscarried in the beginning of October, but we at least know it's possible. Good luck!
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