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2nd round.. feeling down.
AbbyNicole posted:
Hello everyone! After having a laproscopy for endometeriosis and pcos and trying for a year I was finally given 50mg clomid. I am on round two and just feel completely exhausted mentally and physically. The first round was way too overwhelming, I guess I didnt know what to expect out of it. I cried a lot, had hot flashes, it was rough. Now that I am on round two I just feel down, irritable, tired and just achy. I had a really sharp pain on my right side on day two..has anyone else ever experienced these symptoms? I want to do whatever it takes to have a baby but I dread the side effects of the medicine and am not sure what I can do to make them better. good luck everyone!
maragayle responded:
Clomid side effects are atrocious. Anything it says you could get for side effects, I got. If you don't want to deal with all of the nastiness that comes with Clomid, ask your doctor about Femara. It has virtually no side effects. The only thing I experienced was slight decrease in appetite. (Not necessarily a bad thing!) Early studies show that it may be more effective on PCOS patients, too. I Od sporadically on 150mg of Clomid, but was able to O consistently for 4 months on Femara. I got my first BFP on October, but sadly we had a miscarriage. Good luck!
Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again
leona1980 responded:
oh yes! talk of side effect, Clomid is a master of it all------i also had terible hot flashes, serious pains and was irritable on 50mg. i had to skip my third cycle cos i cramped so bad plus the fact that i had BFN's both cycles even though i had possitive OPK, and being that i wasn't monitored------i couldn't be sure if it was a cyst i that i had. now am on my 2ww from a natural cycle. may just start off in january again taking up on refferal to the RE's then do femera. good luck and lots of babe dust to all of us.

sorry to hear about your loss, not sure how anyone who has been trying gets to cope with that-----but i hope you're ok and have the strenght and courage to keep on till your next miracle. good luck to you too and remain strong

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