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Late after taking first round of clomid 50 mg
Babydust2844 posted:
I started clomid nov 11th so taking on days 3-7 this puts me starting my cycle on the 4th of this month. Which has not happened?! Took an at home pt and its negative ! Still have not started but really confused only bc I read so many post saying clomid can prolong my cycle ? This was my first round of clomid 50mg if someone could give me some kind of advice I'd greatly apperciate it I'm normally like clock work on my cycles every 21 days so its a bit confusing
JKayasMom responded:
Hi Babydust,
My cycle ranges from 23-26 days but I took my first round of clomid nov 4th-nov 8th and my monthly did not come on until Dec. 1st 31 days after my last period! So yes clomid can change your cycle. I also took two pregnancy tests both were negative before my cycle finally came on. It is very confusing and frustrating. Hope this helps a little...
An_249320 replied to JKayasMom's response:
Hi this is all new to me and yes it helps . I still haven't started today and haven't taken another test. It's very confusing and probably should have known it would have thrown my cycle for a loop. I feel like ill start then an hour later I'm fine so it's on and off this is why it's so confusing thanks for the respond

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