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4th month on Clomid
An_249349 posted:
Me and my husband have been trying for 2 years now. in Aug my doctor put me on clomid. first month of taking it we bacame pregnant we were so excited but a week after my missed period we lost it. i had to wait until my next cycle to start taking clomid again. since the mc i have been taking it and still nothing. my husband does have low sperm count but the doctor said it is good and heathy tho. im just worring about what the next step is. we really want to have a baby and just getting tired of this whole trying process. i get my hopes up every month and then just dissapointed when i get my period. i don't know how much more i can do this, im still upset about losing the baby after trying for 2 years. any suggestions you have i would appreicate. i do have a call into my doctor to figure out what to do next but haven't received a call back yet.
sweettreats responded:
oh my doctor's office also told me my progesterone was only 10 and they were concerned about that. could this be why i'm not getting pregnant? Also i'm on the 50mg but they say i'm ovulating so they haven't increased it any
maragayle responded:
I know how you feel. Really, I do. DH and I got our BFP in October after more than two years of TTC. Less than a week later I miscarried. Even though I didn't know I was pregnant for long, it really, really hurt...and still does. It's HARD to lose a baby, especially when you've been trying as long as we have. It didn't matter that I only knew for a few days because in my mind, I've been pregnant since we first started TTC...if that makes any sense.

I haven't started TTC again yet. I took provera to start my period but only ended up with spotting, so I'm waiting a cycle to try provera again or just start Femara. It took me 4 months of consistent ovulation to conceive the first time. Even though you're Oing, there's still only a 20-40 percent chance you'll conceive in any given month. Unfortunately, even when things are perfect, it takes time.

Your next step may be an IUI, especially where your husband has a low count. An IUI would ensure that more swimmers get to their target. If you're getting frustrated with the natural process, ask your doctor what the next step is and when you can take it! Best wishes!
Me 23, DH 25, TTC 2 years,BFP 10/4, MC 10/8, waiting to try again

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