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sending positive sticky vibes
jessi2056 posted:
Hey Ladies! I just came back to check on all of you; and wanted to send all of you some positvie sticky vibes for the upcoming new year! I Pray one day you will all be holding your little bundles of Joy! I know how all of you feel. Now that I have my little princess I still wonder when I'm going to be ovulating... alright I obsese over it still... it's a hard habit to get out of after 2 years... The hubby and I decided not go on any birth control since it was so hard and took so long to conceive our first...

Good luck to you all, and happy early New Year's!!
Me (23), DH (24) TTC for 20 months, 3 m/c's no live births. 1 round of Femara, 1 round clomid,(both unsuccessful). on 2nd round of clomid. hCG test 3-19!
mrs62610 responded:
Hey!! It's great that you are both doing well! Thanks for the well wishes! My DH and I decided also that once we have a LO I will not go back on the pill. Great to hear from you!
Me-25 DH-38 TTC 1st for 19 months. 3 rounds of Clomid all BFN's. 5 rounds of Femara, 3 IUI's - BFN's. Taking a break, doing IVF in January.
att76 responded:
Glad to hear everything is going well with you and the little one! Thanks for the well wishes!
Me(36), DH(37), TTC 2 years,taking a break over the holidays, will start up again in 2013

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