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Anon_145455 posted:
Sooo....waiting for AF to come so Ican start round 2 of clomid since I didnt O on this one. Today I found out my sister in law is pregnant....on accident, while using bc!!! I mean really!! Im just screaming inside. Im trying so hard to be happy for her, but I feel like I want to cry, scream and vomit all at the same time. I guess Im just venting. This is so frustrating and depressing. Happy thought are welcomed. Good luck to everyone and thanks for listening!
mrs62610 responded:
Sorry to hear about that. My SIL announced her 2nd pregnancy after we had been trying for quite awhile and she had not been off BC even 1 month! It is frustrating but I love my nephew to pieces and I am over it now even though we haven't conceived yet. Things will get better and it will be your turn soon.
Me-25 DH-38 TTC 1st for 19 months. 3 rounds of Clomid all BFN's. 5 rounds of Femara, 3 IUI's - BFN's. Taking a break, doing IVF in January.
sproutkm responded:
am sorry to hear this i know how you feel. my sister in law who just turned 22 is 22 weeks and when i found out she is pregnant i was angry and crying. she is still smoking while pregnant and her bf just got a job she is living with my in laws who is losing there home at any time, she was also on bc. it makes me so mad that i have been trying for over a year and half and she misses one day of bc and she gets pregnant no problem, when she is far from should be having a baby right now. i still get upset when i see her smoking or complaning about being pregnant. but i know its out of my control and she is still preggo wether i am happy for her or angry, and being happy is so much easier and better for your soul.
JmeLynn replied to sproutkm's response:
I understand your pain and anger, last year I just found out I miscarried, and my brother tells me that his girlfriend was pregnant. He always said he never wanted kids and at that time my husband and I were trying for 2 years. I was happy for my brother but so mad at the same time. I had to watch her grow with her pregnancy and her due date was 2 days after what mine was, and at that time I knew 16 friends and family that were all pregnant at once. I cried all the time. Now 13 months after my miscarriage I am finally starting clomid again, and now my brother and now wife are talking about trying for another baby. and it still hurts.

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