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Round 3, 50mg Clomid ! Preseed ?
Babydust2844 posted:
Hello I've posted a few times on here but have checked daily . I am now on my 3rd round of Clomid started it the 6th finish it the 10th I'm going to try the ovulation kit this month and I'm doing the basal body temp in the morning. Is there any advice into making this happen ?! Getting a little discouraged ?! It will be two years in April just doesn't seem right young .. Entergetic avg. weight and this is for the both of us ?! This is my last round of 50 mg Clomid then we go from here hopefully this works. Also I have preseed has anyone tried or used this with good results ?! I'm open to any suggestions and would love some feedback thanks to all
chaos612 responded:
I know the feeling I have een TTC for 2 years also I have had luck getting pregnant on clomid but i lost both pregnancies. the ovulation kits work well as long as i have been using them i use the digital ones a little more expensive but less guessing with them, you should ovulate like 7 days after you started taking clomid. Only advice i have is dont give up whats meant to be will be.Good luck and lots of baby dust

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Me (34) DH (36) TTC for six months. Starting Clomid next cycle.

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