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Double Dose Clomid - Same Cycle -
BelievingBeauty posted:
I took clomid 50mg on days 3-7 of my cycle, on day 12 I went in for my baseline ultrasound, my follicles were not mature (two were 10 another was 6), so my doctors immediately put me on another dose of clomid, for the next 5 days (Saturday-Wednesday) I'm taking 100mg (please note this is the same cycle). I don't go back until the following Saturday, I am extremely nervous that they are going to miss my ovulation. I have a lot of pressure on my right side which makes me think that ovulation is near. Has anyone had two back to back clomid doses in the same cycle? Due to lack of follicle growth?

My cycles have always been regular with 32 day cycles. And I have always been able to feel myself ovulate. So I'm now worried that using clomid is actually taking a step backwards.

Looking for any support/information.
VanessaRao responded:
Yes, I am on my second dosage too! I did not respond well to 50 mg at all, I had no follicles close to 10. I think my body is not responding to Clomid at all. I have to go on Sunday, but since the ultrasounds are so expensive, I am asking my doctor if she can just take the blood test and check my estradiol levels to see if I am even responding to it.
Use an OPK to check if you are ovulating. All the best.
chaos612 responded:
never had 2 dosages in the same cycle but i do feel pains on the side that has the mature folicle to release. i would start digital opk if i was you that way you dont miss your ovulation bucause there is only a 2 day window each month

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