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Nicole2929 posted:
I had my first IUI this past Thursday so I'm like 4 days out or maybe 5, I'm not sure do I count Thursday the day I got it? Anyways, Friday and Saturday I had severe cramping and lower back pain now today I'm so bloated I feel like I might explode and I have a lot of clear mucus like discharge. Are these common symptoms? My dr didn't tell me much afterwards and I was just so excited that I had it done and dead sick with a sinus infection I didn't think to ask anything. He gave me papers that said it was common to have some cramping or spotting afterwards but to call if I had a fever. This 2ww is killing me, there is nothing else I can think about but this lol
hmmomma3 responded:
I have had 3 IUD's. Lots of cramping and bloating. Your body is almost adjusting to having it. Sometimes your body does contract it out (you can feel it that happens). I would get an ultrasound in a few weeks if it doesn't get better, then can make sure it is in place. I have loved my IUD's. I have BC so they work great for me. I makes your cycles super heavy on day 2, just beware.
ntgps responded:
I did 3 iui's ...with first iui I was ok but with 2nd and 3rd I got lot of bloating,cramps and discharge ....doc adviced me to take Tyenol and no ibuprofen but (on safe side) i did not take any medication.....also yes I think you should be concerned only if you get fever with in 2 days of iui......all your symptons are common...try to stay positive and just engage in some activity to get diverted.....Good luck

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