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Ovary pain
Nicole2929 posted:
I took 100mg of Clomid days 3-9 and on day 11 I got my Lh surge via my smiley face o kit. I went in to my dr and there were several follicles, the right said had about 4 but they were smaller like 9-11cm and my left side had like 7, 1 was 17cm, 2 were 16cm and then some smaller ones from 11-15cm. I went in the following day had my IUI and afterwards they did an u/s and there were still smaller ones on my right side and my left side had a 21cm, 19.5cm, 17cm and some at 15cm. My dr said it looked good. My question is since I had many mature follicles could I now 4 days after my IUI be having ovary pain? I had bad cramping and lower back pain Friday and Saturday and yesterday I had cramping, severe bloating and my girls parts even kind of felt irritated when I would sit down. Last nigh in the night I had cramping again but when I would lay on my left side I would have so much pain it would wake me up. I called my dr yesterday about my severe bloating and what not and he thinks I might be getting a yeast infection because I'm on antibiotics from a sinus infection, I've had a yeast infection before and I have none of those symptoms so I dunno what is up but I know I'm having some kind of ovary pain. Any info would be great!
sproutkm responded:
know when i had big follicles like the 21 cm one when they burst i had lots of cramping could be that big one burst.

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