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Hormones and clomid, am i pregnant
LisaNick posted:
I have been TTC to 2 years and 2 months, i suffered an MC last September and have had 3 periods since, i am on my second month of clomid, and my usual cycle is around 33-35 days, and i tend to ovulate on day 18 or 19.

Last month i ovulated on day 14/15 and i am now on day 36 of my cycle, i did a test yesterday and it was negative, and no sign of period coming. I called hospital today and they said see what happens over the weekend and they can then give me a pill to start my period, but i am still hoping i could be pregnant, she did say it could be my hormones, has anyone got any help they can give me or any advise. I feel so up and down just waiting. thanks
chaos612 responded:
would say since it is 3 weeks past your ovulation i would say the hpt should be accurate you could always have the doc do a blood test that way they can tell if you are pregnant or if you even ovulated.
LisaNick replied to chaos612's response:
had a scan that showed two eggs released so confusing
chaos612 replied to LisaNick's response:
well dont feel all is lost we have to remember there is only a 20% - 25% chance of cenception for any woman healthy or not so there is nothing to be confused about i have also been ttc for over 2 years with the help of clomid and i have had 2 mc all you can do is keep trying and one day it will happen. lots a baby dust to you
LisaNick replied to chaos612's response:
Well my period came on saturday, just after i did another test, feels like i dont know my own body now. 22 days after ovulation, something cant be right, as that has never happened before. I am going to try and get an appointment so i can find out if there is a reason.

Thanks for all your advice
chaos612 replied to LisaNick's response:
Sorry to hear that but keep the faith it will happen. Keep me posted on what the doc says. Lots of baby dust to you

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