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Are both blood work and ultrasound required while on Clomid?
VanessaRao posted:
Hi, I am TTC baby#1 from a year. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance. I am taking 2500 mg of Metformin daily (but I dont feel any side affects) and am on my first round of clomid.
The problem I am facing is that on 50 mg of Clomid, my doctor ordered blood tests and ultrasound on CD11 and CD13. Each visit costed me $551. I really want a baby, but this is very expensive for a single income family. The stress of the money is not going to help me ovulate.
So now my doctor has increased the dosage to 100mg for the next 5 days and again wants me to come in for bw and us. But I am wondering if just bloodwork would be enough to tell if I am responding to Clomid?
Please help if anyone has the same circumstances...
chaos612 responded:
Yes bloodwork is enough to tell you if your ovulating but that will not tell them until after you ovulate so by then it is too late for you to try to conceive if i understand my doc correctly because i have the same issue an i am paying out of pocket also so i understand the costs quite well that is one of the stresses that made me take a break for the last 4 months. unfortunately i live in a state where infertility is not covered by insurance

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