Prescribed 100mg of Clomid with no period first
lesley1920 posted:
Hi all,
I am back ready to see if any of you can help me answer some questions. I am 28 and had a spontaneous pregnancy 3 years ago on my own. My doctor said I was lucky to have gotten pregnant on my own considering I was not ovulating or having regular periods. I think my estrogen was only 78 on day 12 during the cycle I concieved.
I am now trying for baby number 2! We tried naturally for 7 months and have been on clomid for 2 months now. my first month I was on 50mg and my progesterone came back at .6 on day 21. The next cycle I took 100mg and My estrogen was 68 on day 12 so my doctor decided to not do the HCG triggers shot. I just changed clinics and was prescribed 150 mg to start tonight..only day 22 of my cycle. my progesterone came back at .6 again. Is it safe to take considering I won't have a period first?
chaos612 responded:
I was prescribed clomid before without AF so i think it is safe since clomid is used to trigger ovulation.